1. Gentleness and sweetness of manner; agreeableness.
  2. A gift for service done or to be done; an honorarium; a present; sometimes, a bribe.

7 letters in word "douceur": C D E O R U U.

No anagrams for douceur found in this word list.

Words found within douceur:

cero cod code coder coed cor cord core cored coude cour courd coure coured cred credo cru crud crude cud cue cued cur curd cure cured de deco decor do doc doe doer dor dore douc douce doucer dour duce due duo dure duro duroc eco ecod ecru ecu ed er euro od ode oe or orc ord ore ou oud our re rec red redo roc rod rode roe roed roue ruc rud rude rue rued udo ur urd urde ure uredo

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